Fighting Corruption

The Sources of Corruption

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Dr. Hisham Awartani is the Executive Director of the Center for Private Sector Development (CPSD). CPSD was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of the Palestinian Businessmen Association, which is the …

Understanding what corruption actually means is a prerequisite to recognizing cases of it when they occur. According to Transparency International, corruption is defined as any act involving an abuse of a public post for personal gain. There are many forms of corruption, with bribery being among those most common. Corruption is a big problem in many different countries around the world, developing and developed alike. The MENA region is no exception. Yet regardless of where it occurs, corrupt behavior always has two sides to it: supply and demand. Traditionally, governments have been tasked with fighting corruption on the demand side. But a more comprehensive effort should include the private sector as well and focus on issues such as better corporate governance, accounting standards, and business ethics.


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