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Shareholding and Democracy

Milko Štimac

Dr. Milko Štimac, former Director of the G17 Institute, and then Chair of the Securities Exchange Commission in Belgrade, examines the shared characteristics, principles, and parallel institutions of democracy and capital markets. He talks about connections between societal structures and economic activities, and how they constantly and continuously influence each other; democracy and shareholding, both of which are organized by the same principles; and the market stakeholders such as the managers, employees, creditors, business partners and shareholders – all who contribute to the capital market. Furthermore, Dr. Štimac communicates what democracy needs as well as what its threats are. He argues democracy requires an active approach to problem solving and protection of shareholders’ rights. He emphasizes the need for transparency and anonymity; rights to adequate information; and the importance of electability and replace-ability for all governing body representatives. Finally, democracy should encompass the entire society, both those who manage it as well as those who it directly affects.

Why Investing in Women Pays Off

Henriette Kolb

Integrating women into private sector operations has benefits for both business and society as a whole including economic growth, re-investments in child education, and improvements in labor force productivity. Women represent a largely untapped work force and customer base in many parts of the world.  Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require addressing the constraints preventing women from being actively involved in the private sector.