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Fighting Corruption through Collective Action and Compliance

Kulvech Janvatanavit

Kulvech Janvatanavit, the Principal Project Advisor for the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) at the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD), discusses the experience of addressing corruption in Thailand through collective action. Janvatanavit explains that addressing corruption through collective action has important benefits including attracting more international business to the country, improving efficiency of business processes, and holding the public sector accountable. The CAC asks members to take three steps to address corruption: 1) implement a strong internal compliance program, 2) recruit more businesses to be part of the coalition, and 3) act as a change agent by advocating public sector reforms.  Janvatanavit illustrates how acting collectively can help businesses join forces in anti-corruption efforts and gain more traction in discussions with decision-makers on public sector reforms.