Corporate Citizenship, Compliance, and Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries

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Ms. Yanti Triwadiantini is the Executive Director of Indonesia Business Links (IBL), a not-for-profit organization established by business leaders in Indonesia to promote good corporate citizenship among …

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), or corporate citizenship, is a business strategy that produces long-term benefits for both communities and businesses. Given the common misconceptions, it is crucial to teach the private sector, governments, and the public the meaning of CSR. It is not simply charity; instead, it focuses on contributing to the society not just monetarily but also through other means. This applies in several categories: human capital, environment, accountability and transparency, local development, and minimizing social conflicts. CSR should not be forced upon the private sector through legislation – it works better as a voluntary endeavor. Many small-scale enterprises have already been operating in that way for years but do not call it CSR. Therefore, it is important to keep them engaged in their communities without imposing excessive burdens. As good corporate citizens, all businesses can thrive responsibly.


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