El Meouchi, Badri

Badri El Meouchi is the former Executive Director of the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA), an affiliate of Transparency International (TI) and a former the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) partner organization.  In 2011, in cooperation with CIPE and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), LTA launched the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Lebanon, where Meouchi currently serves as the Executive Director.  Meouchi supervises and coordinates IoD’s efforts to promote corporate governance in Lebanon and the region. These initiatives include drafting and launching of various corporate governance codes in Lebanon.  Meouchi has also worked to raise awareness in the private sector on the principles and benefits of corporate governance through organizing training workshops and events, launching a website on this subject (www.iodlebanon.org), and identifying companies which can serve as case studies in applying good corporate governance practices. He is a member of CIPE’s MENA Advisory Committee and the Free Enterprise and Democracy Network (FEDN).

Presentations by Badri El Meouchi: