Bettcher, Kim

Kim Bettcher leads CIPE’s knowledge management initiative, which captures lessons learned during more than two decades of democratic and economic institution-building around the world. The program identifies the core ingredients of successful reform projects, offers practical guidance in program design and implementation, and facilitates knowledge-sharing among CIPE partners and staff. Dr. Bettcher came to CIPE from the Harvard Business School where, as a research associate, he wrote case studies for the MBA program. He received a PhD in political science from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College. At CIPE he has written and edited papers, toolkits, and case studies, especially the case collection Strategies for Policy Reform: Experiences from Around the World and the CIPE Guide to Governance Reform: Strategic Planning for Emerging Markets. He has also published articles in the Harvard Business Review, Party Politics, SAIS Review, and the Business History Review.

Presentations by Kim Bettcher: